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Welcome to We are an entertainment site that fritters away your boredom, spend some time rating people not as lucky as everybody in the looks department or even add your own pictures and see what people really think of you. Soon to come is the official Uglyperson merchandise so you can let people know how ugly you really are via our t-shirts, keyrings & bumper stickers. This web site is completely work safe and will contain no adult content. Hell ! let your work colleagues no all about it as well. Find out more about us in our FAQ

Only Ugly People is designed to be a fun way to show your picture and/or vote your opinion of pictures submitted by users of this website. Click here to report to us if the picture above is broken, copyrighted, or inappropriate (ads, models, nudity, etc.)

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Soon to are our merchandise which include t-shirts, keyrings & bumper stickers. We are expecting the tshirts to be made available firstly in the summer of 2006 so you show everyone your support for Ugly people and mostly have some funny.

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